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Touch a Life for the Holidays

Do you know someone who is spending the holidays alone for the first time?  Or perhaps not for the first time?  More than 20% of US adults over age 55 live alone, and 60% of nursing home residents have no regular visitors. Make the decision today to help!  Call and offer to stop by for a visit, or if the person is mobile, meet somewhere within walking distance during the day (10 am-2 pm may be the best window).  Find out what kinds of activities they would enjoy, choose one, and block time on your calendar.  Then do some online research and find out what other services are available in the area, and mention a few might be of interest.  Drop by with a small edible or floral gift on Christmas morning, and check in the week after during the “post-holiday letdown.”  Start a new tradition – and remember that doing something for others does as much or more for the giver as for the recipient!

James McGaha Nominated to Hospice Dream Team 2017!

The Oregon Hospice Association has named Care Partners hospice aide James McGaha to its annual Hospice and Palliative Care Dream Team, which honors individuals who exemplify the best in quality hospice and palliative care.

Pictured right: Care Partners patient and U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Dave Steel with his Hospice Aide, James.

James entered college with his sights set on becoming a registered nurse, but his musical talent and love for rock and roll took him down a slightly different path. While pursuing a music career in the evenings, he spent his days as a certified nursing assistant at Martha and Mary Ministries, an adult foster home for dying patients in Southeast Portland. At Martha and Mary, James quickly became a leader among his peers, helping to ensure quality patient care and a smoothly operating facility.

James transitioned to Care Partners in 2015, where he has since established himself as an invaluable asset. He is a strong advocate for the hospice aide team and has taken an active role in looking for ways to improve the daily lives of his colleagues. More importantly, he has continued to maintain a special connection to his clients. His calm and composed demeanor sets patients and their families at ease, and his continuous demonstration of compassion positively touches the entire Care Partners organization.

As a person of many talents and interests, James’ journey is just beginning. Although we don’t know exactly where it will take him, we do know that his attentive, knowledgeable and compassionate care has been an appreciated addition to the Care Partners team. We thank him for all of his service and hope that he continues to play an important role in his patients’ lives for many years to come.

2017 Care to Dance Sponsorship Opportunities

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We Honor Veterans – Wilbert “Wib” Dale

“Just be nice to them, and they’ll be nice to you.”

Wise words for dealing with people and animals, from Wilbert “Wib” Dale, an attractive and thoughtful nonagenarian (92 years old) who Care Partners had the pleasure of honoring with a “Pinning Ceremony” for his service as a medic in the United States Army during World War II.

“Wib” (nicknamed by his father) grew up with four brothers and one sister on his family’s 250 acre cattle and hay ranch in Remer, Minnesota. Some of his favorite memories as a child were riding his horse “Mike” to school and church, and sharing an occasional “treat” with the family cats and dogs while milking the cows – directing the stream directly into their eager mouths.  Just over a year after graduating from high school, his 1944 Army induction noted his civilian experience, “Fed and cared for 45 head of cattle and 50 sheep, and drove horses four abreast to plow, drag and cultivate the crops.”  Wib “didn’t want to carry a gun” so chose to serve in the Medical Corps. He wasn’t told about the bombing of Hiroshima, yet found himself on a plane headed for Japan to serve as a medic at the Takeshima Rest Center in Gamagori, Japan. It was tough duty for him. He saw women and children suffering, and has painful memories from that time. “They are human beings.” Wib shared that he has some memory loss now, but lamented that he has some memories that he wish he could, but can never forget.

Wib served both Americans and Japanese while in Japan. His Army letter of appreciation for his service stated that Wib “rendered prompt and accurate diagnoses” and his “competence and quick action have not only relieved the suffering but possibly saved the lives of the individuals concerned.”

After serving his country, Wib lived in many places and served others in many different roles, including pastor, teacher, real estate broker and school principle. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree and Ph.D, but rarely told anyone about his advanced degree; “I didn’t want them to think I was going to leave because of my education.” His love for horses and other animals is carried on by his daughter Laura, who together with her husband Steve (a Vietnam Era Veteran who served on nuclear submarines) run a non-profit for rescue horses. Wib has recently moved into their home, where he is surrounded by rescue cats, dogs and horses, and also gets to spend time with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. While Laura is proud of her Dad’s military service, she also talks about his other gifts, “He taught me how to do ‘spin brodies’ (donuts) in his 1966 Buick Wildcat.”

“The main thing is to stay in love with your family” says Wib with a big smile. While he was sad to have to give up driving at age 88, he is hoping to live to be 100, and attributes his longevity to his faith, being a vegetarian and his motto: “Live a long time, but don’t get old in the process.”

Job Opening: Hospice Nurse, RN, Evening Shift (2pm – 11pm) 4 days/week

Join Care Partners as a Hospice Nurse!

This position has been filled.


You are a highly motivated nurse who takes pride in providing excellent care to patients and family members. You enjoy working both independently and as a member of a cohesive team of dedicated interdisciplinary professionals. You enjoy the challenges of caring for the elderly and individuals living with serious illnesses. You like to empower, educate and support caregivers. You enjoy performing physical and psychosocial assessments, developing care plans, thinking on your feet, creating order out of chaos and solving problems creatively. Bringing comfort to others makes you happy. For you nursing is a calling, not a job. You want to work for an organization that is motivated by mission, that recognizes and values your engagement and voice, that believes that high performing nurses are a necessity not a luxury. You believe that death is not a medical experience, but a human one. Providing holistic, body-mind-spirit care is second nature for you.

We are one of Oregon’s oldest, community-based not-for-profit hospices. We value nurses. They are the back bone of our organization. We care for patients throughout the Portland metropolitan area in home and long-term care settings from 2 offices. A majority of our patients have a cancer diagnosis. We provide home-based palliative care through strategic partnerships with progressive health insurers. We are constantly innovating to make Care Partners the best place to give and receive care.  We have a calling to comfort. We mentor. We make every day the best day for our patients.  We invite you to check us out in person or on-line at

Hospice Nurse Position Responsibilities

The hospice nurse working the evening shift assists with patient admissions and other urgent care needs working with a team of triage nurses and case managers. Provides skilled nursing assessment, planning and coordination/care management across settings to patients in a private home, adult foster home, residential/assisted living care, and/or nursing facility. Maximizes the comfort and health of patients and families consistent with our philosophy, policies and procedures. Maintains up to date patient records so that problems, plans, actions and goals are accurately and clearly stated and changes are reflected as they occur in accordance with policies and procedures.

  • Requires current Registered Nurse (RN) State of Oregon license prior to first day of employment.
  • Prefer one- two years of nursing experience, preferably in hospice, palliative care, home health or medical surgical care.
  • Requires well developed critical thinking, patient assessment and problem solving skills.
  • Requires the ability to work independently and as part of an interdisciplinary team.
  • Requires strong verbal and written communication skills and familiarity with use of an electronic medical record
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and access to a reliable automobile to travel to and from patient homes.
  • Basic Life Support CPR card for Health Care Provider. Valid card must be obtained prior to patient contact and within two weeks of hire.
  • Certification in Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing is helpful.
  • Must pass a background check and drug screen following a job offer.

To apply for this position please submit your resume along with a brief letter describing why you are interested in working with Care Partners to Director of People Services, Ciara Rogers, email:

Grieving During the Holidays – 12 Practical Tips for Saying, Doing the Right Things

flame-fire-candles-77127While many people look forward to yearly holiday traditions, gatherings with family and friends and the general good feelings associated with the season, some people dread the holidays.  For those who have lost a loved one during the past year, the holidays may emphasize their grief.

The holidays, especially the first ones after losing a loved one, are especially difficult for people who are grieving.  Often, friends and family members of those affected by a loss are unsure how to act or what to say to support their grieving loved one during the holiday.  Below are some helpful tips:

  1. 1. Be supportive of the way the person chooses to handle the holidays. Some may wish to follow traditions; others may choose to change their rituals. Remember, there is no right way or wrong way to handle the holidays.
  2. 2. Offer to help the person with baking and/or cleaning. Both tasks can be overwhelming for someone trying to deal with raw emotions.
  3. 3. Offer to help him or her decorate for the holidays.
  4. 4. Offer to help with holiday shopping or give your loved one catalogs or on-line shopping sites that may be helpful.
  5. 5. Invite the person to attend a religious service with you and your family.
  6. 6. Invite your loved one to your home for the holidays.
  7. 7. Help your loved one prepare and mail holiday cards.
  8. 8. Ask if he or she is interested in volunteering with you during the holiday season. Doing something for someone else, such as helping at soup kitchens or working with children, may help your loved one feel better about the holidays.
  9. 9. Donate a gift or money in memory of the person’s loved one. Remind the person that his or her special person is not forgotten.
  10. 10. Never tell someone that he or she should be “over it.” Instead, give the person hope that, eventually, he or she will enjoy the holidays again.
  11. 11. If he or she wants to talk about the deceased loved one or feelings associated with the loss, LISTEN. Active listening from friends is an important step to helping him or her heal. Don’t worry about being conversational…just listen.
  12. 12. Remind the person you are thinking of him or her and the loved one who died. Cards, phone calls and visits are great ways to stay in touch.

Source: The National Hospice Foundation and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

Care Partners Named One of Oregon’s 100 Best Nonprofits to Work For in 2016

October, 2016

Care Partners has100best once again been named by Oregon Business Magazine as one of the top 100 best nonprofits to work for in Oregon. In its eighth year, the annual survey gives a voice to nonprofit-sector employees by asking them to rate their satisfaction with 20 workplace practices. With this win, Care Partners has received this top 100 non-profit designation 4 times.

Care Partners falls into Large Nonprofits category for organizations with 50 or more Oregon employees, and ranked #19 out of 33. Click here to view
the complete list of winners by category.

We owe this ‘best’ designation to the dedicated staff, volunteers, board members, and partnerships that make Care Partners an extraordinary place to work!

Care Partners CEO Andy Kyler Interviewed on KUIK


Care Partners CEO Andy Kyler is interviewed for “The Business Voice” presented by the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce. He talks with Julie Ames, Vice President, Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce, about hospice, palliative care and the Care Partners difference. (This interview aired on KUIK Radio, “The Voice of Washington County” late December 2015.)

Care Partners’ Gillen named Hospice Nurse of Year

Judith Gillen named Oregon Hospice Dream Team Nurse of Year

gillan-awardSeptember 21, 2015 – Hillsboro, Oregon  – Judith Gillen, RN, a nurse with Care Partners Hospice was named the 2015 Oregon Hospice Dream Team Nurse of the Year by the Oregon Hospice Association at its recent Professional Practices Exchange Conference in Bend.

“I am overwhelmed. This is such a surprise and such an honor,” said Judith, who has had a long and varied nursing career that informs her daily practice in caring for diverse patients and families experiencing the crisis of advanced cancer and other serious illnesses at Care Partners.

“At Care Partners, I am just one of many professionals who deliver great care to our patients and families – and they inspire me every day to be the best I can be,” said Gillen.

Each year, the Oregon Hospice Association honors individuals who exemplify the best in quality hospice care by naming the Hospice Dream Team, which is made up of a physician, nurse, hospice aide, social worker, chaplain/spiritual care provider, volunteer and a professional staff member.

Judith works the evening shift at Care Partners, a role that allows her to be involved in admitting patients and attending to families with the most urgent needs.

“A wise manager once said, ‘Your star employees are those who invite you to sigh deeply with relief when they come to work,’ remarked Andy Kyler, CEO of Care Partners. “At Care Partners we know that Judith is capable of effectively navigating troubled waters with the most complex clinical skills to create order out of chaos and to assist patients and families make successful transitions at end of life.”

For many years, Judith practiced as a nurse mid-wife assisting patients/families to make the transition to parenthood. An Oregon native, her adventurous life led her to work in the United Kingdom, Ecuador, and diverse locales across the continental U.S. Judith utilizes her fluent Spanish language skills to serve the Latino population and to mentor staff members in the care of our Spanish speaking families. As a member of the diversity committee at Care Partners, Judith has helped our organization enhance capabilities to serve immigrant communities of all types. While no longer a midwife to those entering the world, Judith serves as a compassionate, skilled midwife to the dying.

The Oregon Hospice Association (OHA) is a statewide public benefit organization helping to ensure Oregonians have access to high quality hospice and palliative care as they near the end of life.

Care Partners has been encircling patients and their families with exceptional hospice care for over 32 years. Formerly Hospice of Washington County, Care Partners has grown to serve the tri-county Portland area as a community based not-for-profit whose mission is to provide compassionate palliative, end-of-life care with focus and distinction to support the quality of life of the patients, families and community it serves.