Referring Your Patients

phone-callWhen to Refer

If your patient and/or his/her family is in need of comfort care and the interdisciplinary support that hospice provides and you would not be surprised that the patient is not alive in 6 months, please consider making a referral to hospice.  Our skilled nursing staff and medical director(s) will assist in evaluating patient prognosis to assure that Medicare prognostic requirements are met.

How to Refer

Palliative and hospice referrals can be accomplished by calling our caring staff 24 hours a day at 1-888-968-9565 (Fax: 503-648-1282).


…very professional, informative and reassuring…

"All nurses and aids were very professional, informative and very reassuring when I questioned or doubted myself. I would definitely refer another family to your hospice."

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