Especially for Children

pexels-photo-40525-mediumLike adults, children and teens also grieve when someone they love dies. However, children and teens experience and express their loss in different ways from the adults around them. Youth who grieve may be less verbal than adults. They may not show their emotions as readily. They may seek out play or their peers as outlets. And they may need quite a bit of time to come to terms with the reality of the death. Whether or not you see signs in their behavior, it is important to remember that a child or teen who has experienced a loss is grieving.

Often, a group of peers who know what it’s like to experience loss can be a helpful resource. There are several peer group programs in our community that may be of assistance during this time of adjustment:

The Dougy Center
Children, teens, and young adult groups offered in SE Portland, Canby, and Hillsboro
Spanish-speaking group offered in Hillsboro
Written materials about supporting grieving children and teens available for purchase
(503) 775-5683
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Me, Too
Children and teen groups offered in metro area
(503) 228-2104
Visit Website

Stepping Stones
Children and teen groups offered in Vancouver
(360) 696-5120
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…made my father feel like a priority…

"I believe the people at Care Partners improved the quality of my father’s life 10 thousand-fold were he or we to have tried to do it on our own. From the Shower Aide to the Volunteers, to the Nurses to the Social Workers, every single person made my father feel like a priority, never an inconvenience and put purpose and meaning into every moment he had left."

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