Equal Access

If you have a few minutes to read this article: https://splinternews.com/how-to-not-die-in-america-1822555151 (it’s a few pages long) – it is a worthwhile time investment that highlights the healthcare disparities in the employer-driven US insurance market.  As more people, both younger and older, find themselves self-employed they are at risk for bankruptcy if they become seriously ill.  Being hospitalized and intubated in the ICU for a bad case of the flu might not kill you, but could wipe out your savings.  There is no fairness in a system that charges an accountant working in a temp agency tens of thousands of dollars for a hospital stay, while an accountant who is a full time employee pays a maximum of $5,000 out of pocket for the same services and procedures (or better ones, depending on their plan’s affiliations).

Hospice care is the only part of our healthcare system where everyone has access to the same support and services regardless of insurance plan.  Everyone gets home visits from RNs, aides, social workers, chaplains and volunteers.  At Care Partners, an RN will come every day if your condition requires.  Our social workers help with a wide variety of non-medical needs, from legal documents to family dinners out to arranging travel.  Whether wealthy or indigent, you will get the best care we have to offer.  Hopefully one day the same will be true for the rest of healthcare in America.