Touch a Life for the Holidays

Do you know someone who is spending the holidays alone for the first time?  Or perhaps not for the first time?  More than 20% of US adults over age 55 live alone, and 60% of nursing home residents have no regular visitors. Make the decision today to help!  Call and offer to stop by for a visit, or if the person is mobile, meet somewhere within walking distance during the day (10 am-2 pm may be the best window).  Find out what kinds of activities they would enjoy, choose one, and block time on your calendar.  Then do some online research and find out what other services are available in the area, and mention a few might be of interest.  Drop by with a small edible or floral gift on Christmas morning, and check in the week after during the “post-holiday letdown.”  Start a new tradition – and remember that doing something for others does as much or more for the giver as for the recipient!