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Hospice and the Pandemic

Today one of our volunteers, Janet Bronitsky, is sharing her thoughts on how the COVID pandemic has shaped her view of healthcare and hospice. Janet first experienced hospice through the care of her parents.  Now that she is retired, she has found meaning in helping people through the end of life process at Care Partners.   No one should be alone during this time, and our volunteers offer critical support to patients and families in addition to our interdisciplinary care team, whether in person or through phone calls and video visits.  We are grateful to Janet for all that she does!

“The opening phrases to much of what we hear and read these days has been: ‘This pandemic has…’, ‘These are unusual times’, are over-used and under-engaging. For me these times have provided our society an opportunity to learn and reevaluate how we interact with those we love and care about, and with our greater society.

I have learned my privileged life is not just a blessing for me but may have contributed to societies inequities. I have learned there is so much more work than I was previously aware to repair the world.

My awakening in no way diminishes, rather amplifies, my support and belief in hospice as an organization with a humane approach to the end of life. Hospice care is available to all regardless of economic or ethnic background. One of the looming issues is letting people know about it and how it has the potential to enhance the final days of an individual, for them and for their family.

I believe it is the memories we leave behind that sustains those who remain after we have died. The ability to provide an individual with dignity and comfort in those final weeks, days, hours is a blessing that hospice care can deliver.”

And below here is an image of Heiden finished and painted.  What a beauty!

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