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Supporting Care Partners

This is the time of year when mailboxes and email boxes are filling up with appeals from numerous deserving charities.  Care Partners staff, board, volunteers, and donors are generous with their time and dollars for many nonprofits.  At the same time, we have a special place in our hearts (and in our allocations) for Care Partners.  Why is that?

There is no more stressful and difficult part of life – for most people – than when they and their family find out their time on earth is drawing to a close.  Ironically, it is even harder for spouses and children than it is for the person who is ill.  It is a universal experience, yet so often people feel alone.  In industrialized societies like ours, time and empathy can be in short supply.  While we are a healthcare agency that provides excellent care of the physical person, our impact is as much or more on the intangible mental and spiritual side – regardless of whether someone attends church or has been part of social support groups.  We always strive to bring peace as well as comfort.

So even as major events on the national and world stage vie for attention and funding, it is worth remembering the importance of supporting your community through Care Partners services as they go through these challenging transitions.  And one day, the person who needs that support will be us.

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