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Time Goes By

Time Goes By

Today I’d like to introduce our Care Partners readers to a wonderful resource: a blog called “Time Goes By”.  You can find the home page here:

Time Goes By is about aging and being an older person in a world so frequently focused on the young.  It is about interesting things all around the United States and the world.   It is also, now, about dying – the author, Ronni Bennett, is currently on our service.  The wonderful thing is that all these topics intertwine and remind us that every day has something to engage in, even from inside our homes, where so many of us have spent more hours that we ever expected.

We rarely hear personal accounts of end-of-life experiences.  Ronni has done her readers the enormous service of “telling it like it is”, with humor and grace.  You will definitely find topics that will engage you.  I highly recommend it for the not-yet-old too; it will open your eyes to many discoveries.  A few topics selected at random: Books on aging, children’s books about death and dying, great pieces of music (with YouTube performances), movies, caregiving, the environment, protests, and some video clips and photos that are just for fun, since we all need humor in our lives.

If you have the time to read the series of 12 posts describing Ronni’s care of her dying mother in 1992, it is an honest take on the challenges and rewards of home caregiving.  Of course some things have changed since then, including hospice.  Ronni’s account of choosing hospice for herself after many years of treatment can be found here:

Also, don’t forget to look at reader comments.  As with other online news sources, what readers have to say can be as engaging and enlightening as the original article or post.  We are all in this together, and communities like Time Goes By are a wonderful reminder of that.

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