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How We Help in the Private Home

Our team makes serious illness care at home possible

RN Case Manager

Your go-to to answer questions and coordinate the rest of your team

Aide (Certified Nursing Assistant)

Gentle personal care and assistance

Medical Social Worker

Empathetic listening and connection to a range of resources

Spiritual Care Counselor

Respect for all spiritual paths to bring peace and comfort


Respite visits for 2-4 hours/week to give you a break 

Physician Medical Directors

Our Medical Directors have over 37 years of experience and are board-certified in their specialty.  A Medical Director is on call 24/7.

Hospice vs. Homecare

Care Type & Cost Around-the-clock In-Home Day/Night Medical Support Meal Prep Personal Care House-Keeping & Company Spiritual Support Social Services Arts Transport
Non-Medical Home Care
Cost: $25-$30/hr
Available Not Available Available Available Available Not Available Available Through Outside Agencies Not Available Available
Cost: 100% covered by Medicare, Medicaid & most private insurers
Multiple visits may be provided each day by team members Nurses answer calls and make visits at any hour and a Medical Director is on call 24/7 Available by referral (Meals on Wheels) Aides are Certified Nursing Assistants who are part of medical team Volunteers come to home for 2-4 hours/week to help with light housework and provide companionship Spiritual Care Counselor assigned to each household Medical Social Worker assigned to each household Certified Music and Art therapists support specific needs Only medical transport is included

Hospice Care FAQs

  • Studies in people with cancer and heart failure showed that those on hospice lived longer than those receiving active treatment
  • About 15% of people on hospice are discharged due to a stabilization or improvement in their health

Especially for people over age 70, going to the hospital has many risks. People with restricted mobility or cognitive impairment are at higher risk for hospital-associated decline. Consistent monitoring by hospice RNs and CNAs helps prevent the development of problems that would require hospital or ER admission.

People on hospice can revoke service at any time if they choose to pursue other treatments

  • Medications that effectively treat symptoms of your primary diagnosis can continue to be provided; each hospice has their own formulary (list of covered medications)
  • Medications unrelated to your hospice diagnosis can be paid under the Medicare PART D benefit or other private insurance

The selection of your attending physician is up to you

Gold Compass

Helpful Resources

We provide a range of resources to help people and their families navigate the challenges of serious illness

We Are Available Day or Night

Care Partners is on call around the clock to meet your needs. Call now to speak with an experienced and caring nurse.  We’ve been helping people like you for more than 40 years.